General Questions

1. When was Bank of Tianjin founded?

Answer: Founded in 1996, it is a local corporate bank registered and headquartered in Tianjin.

2. Is it a listed company? And where was it listed?

Answer: It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 2016 as an H share listed company.

Questions on Shares

3. Does the shares are allowed to be traded?

Answer: At present, part of its shares is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This part of H shares is tradable. Domestic shares haven't been listed yet on the stock exchange to have an open market. If you have a requirement to transfer, please dial the phone as provided to consult.

4. What is the stock code of Bank of Tianjin?

Answer: It is 01578.HK.

5. When will the share dividends of Bank of Tianjin be issued?

Answer: Whether to issue and time of issue will be determined after the annual shareholders' meeting and the Board of Directors reviewing relevant proposals. Please pay attention to the relevant information in time.

Information Disclosure:

6. What are the information disclosure channels of Bank of Tianjin?

Answer: It includes this website and the website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

7. What's the accounting standards of its results and financial report?

Answer: As an H share listed company, it adopts International Accounting Standards (IAS) for its external disclosure

8. What time does it report results?

Answer: Generally, the annual results are announced before the end of March of the following year, and the interim results are announced before the end of August of the same year.