Credit Rating

  In 2022, Bank of Tianjin was awarded the corporate long-term credit rating of AAA by China Lianhe Credit Rating Co., Ltd., and the rating outlook is stable. It has received the highest corporate credit rating of domestic commercial banks for seven consecutive years.

  The corporate credit rating of a commercial bank is a comprehensive analysis of the various risk factors and risk prevention capabilities faced by the commercial bank in its operations, and also a comprehensive evaluation of the bank’s ability and willingness to bear various debts and repay the debt and interest as promised. China Lianhe Credit Rating Co., Ltd. adopts a three-class nine-level system for the credit rating of commercial banks. The first class (investment grade) includes levels AAA, AA, A and BBB, the second class (speculative grade) includes levels BB, B, CCC and CC, and the third class (bankruptcy grade) is Level C. Level AAA is the highest level. The corporate credit rating of a bank is an important basis for judging its competitiveness, influence and sustainable development potential in the market.